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Dragoona meets Dane Black
Dane Black. If there is one name that all Atlantic thieves hope to see, it is this one.
Dane is a newbie who we presume bought his account, and is well known for carrying very good weapons with him. Luckily for me, today was no exception.

This is Dane Black. He seems very enthusiastic today.

He wasn't equiped with anything, I had to get close to him somehow to snoop. A hug was the perfect excuse to be next to him!

Aparently he knows that CrazyJoe's been bragging about his thefts from Dane... But what about the hug I offered?

Why is he continuing his own conversation with himself? Doesn't he want a hug from the great Dragoona?

Playing dumb was probably a good idea. I didn't want him running off before I had a chance to snoop him.

He equipped himself with something! Hurrah! I id'd it, and it turns out to be a battle axe of VANQ!

I missed the shot where he said "he's a thief". How about that, he thinks favorably of his ol' buddy Joe.

Oh no! Dane said he had to get going! Will Dragoona be able to steal Dane's vanq battle axe, or will he realize what's going to happen and recall out in time?