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I successfully disarmed and stole his axe, but I didn't get any shots of it, my attention was focused on getting it rather than hitting the screenshot button.

After I grabbed it, he started to walk away, but there was still something I wanted to show him!

I had to show him my hat!

As soon as he clicked it, he became infuriated. He had many choice words to say about me then!

Too bad for him, I don't have a buyback program going!

At this point, after I refused to give it back, he started up with the profanity again.

He equipped something else, I targetted it and grabbed it just so he couldn't hurt me as I taunted him. But what is this? It's a magic double axe?

As I waited to be able to id it, he equiped a newbie katana and started to try and get me to come out of hiding.

Another fine weapon! Hurrah! This has been a fine encounter, indeed!

I had to thank him for all of the wonderful items before I recalled off to the bank. I hope that we meet again, for this has been a very profitable day!