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Dragoona Meets Hector

I haven't been doing much stealing lately because I have been busy, but today I went to brit west bank and found a fairly clueless person.....

This is Hector. He was running around the bank asking people to teleport him to the roof. I snooped him only to find he had.....

...This shield (as seen from Dragoona's backpack)
I told him I could assist him if he followed me (note i never said I would get him on top of the bank).
Now it is generally NOT a good idea to follow a stranger off into the more secluded parts of town.
But I'm sure your parents taught you that already.

This is Hector running around looking for me after I grabbed his shield and ran off.

I saw him at the bank again after i had banked the shield. I don't think he likes the 'hideing' skill too much.

I like to have fun with bad spellers.
Admit it, you would do the same.

I'm glad he likes his new buckler.

He seems to be catching on to what I did. I walked up to him and snooped him again, and he told me...

'Twas a pleasure doing buisness with thee, Hector!
I look forward to meeting him again!