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Dragoona the Lizard

Many people think of roleplaying as talking using words such as "thou", "hither", "thee", and other such things. A good roleplayer will try to roleplay as many things as possable. This tale is of Dragoona roleplaying a lizard.

I started gathering attention to myself after this guy kept calling me a goblin, and I kept replying that I was a lizard until he got the point.

A lot of people in UO neglect eating... but a lizard needs to eat!

Etheral horses may have very little/no nutritional content, but make a better lunch than sewer rat on a stick.

Yes, I'm sure he is. Gotta love these 9x gms.

And now Dragoona speaks of the next UO upgrade, Third Dawn.

Pretty wild stuff, eh?

And now some side tracked rambling

Not that I would have shut up if he was talking to me anyways.



I frame this picture for all my nay-sayers

Third Dawn mongbats can be a frightening thing, as Dragoona explains

The fate of Dragoona Great Lakes explained. A destiny worse than permacurse.

I think that we all have had experiances where we can agree

It's a proven fact that trammelites have 80-100% more loot than feluccites

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