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There isn't much that is more entertaining than people running away from you :)

Yes, I like being called a queen. Some people speak badly of "sucking up".
These are also the people who find many of their items missing ;D

Ever wonder why my updates have been taking so long to put up?
Now you know.

The last time I let someone (Asmodeus to be exact) try to make me look better, I ended up looking like a d3wD.
I even have a screenshot of a d3wD that looked just like how he dressed me in fact.

This shot right here shows you how long ago it was when this happened.
I'm now a grandmaster pickpocket. Doesn't the lizard outfit look nice, though?

It's thief mentality. If someone is missing it is because they're hiding or are dead, which means they have loot on them.

Alas, it was time for me to go. But fear not, for Dragoona the Lizard shall return to haunt the streets of Britannia once more!