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Dragoona Assists Phantom Dracoli

This episode took place a while ago. I just started editing my screenshots again, and dug this up from when I was a newbie thief! I didn't think the shots saved at all. I hope you enjoy my first good story as being a thief.

I was wandering vesper one day, and found this guy asking for assistance with the troll, since for some reason the guards weren't doing anything about it ^^
I helped him by releaving the troll of all its worldly possessions.

I later saw him at the bank looking for someone to gate him to trammel. Being the helpful person that I am, I decided to assist him more and gate him there.

I told him that you could only gate someone to trammel out of guard zone. He agreed to come!

There were lots of people wandering the roads that day, so I told him that PKs often would hang around the roads, and it would be safer to get off of the roads. I led him towards some houses that I could easily stash things behind.

I wasn't too confident with my snooping ability that day, so I asked him this, in hopes that he would fall for such a silly thing... but could anyone fall for something so dumb?

...Apparently so..

I then asked him what he was doing in fel, out of sheer curiousity of why someone like him was there.

Yes, you CAN kill other people if they bug you... That's not to say that you will succeed, however. Especially if you are unable to chase people that well (such as this guy)

I like the way he evaluates the situation, slowly putting two and two together. It's rather similar to an algebra question when you think about it. no gold=x+gold. x must then be equal to... *gasp* A THIEF!

I just wanted to make sure he understood what was going on, and that he understood perfectly that his role now was to chase me and try to kill me.

There's something so fun about escaping someone on horseback when you're not, and just watching them zoom right past you. My friend Dracoli ran past about five or six times!
This was the first time that i had ever delt with an armed player attacking me before. And i must say, it gave me a big boost of confidence in my skill when i survived it(which, at the time, was aproximately 65-70).