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Dragoona Meets the Orcs: An analysis on the life of an orcish roleplayer

I have seen orc roleplayers around and talked with them, but this is the first time I have acctually done anything with them. I hope they succeeded in claiming yew (not like many would miss it, as long as they could bank and rez still)

I had arrived in yew expecting to see the infamous Black Lich, who had been terrorizing the graveyard of Moonglow the previous night (without being killed), but instead found that orcish roleplayers was fighting for control of the city.

This is one of the louder orcs, that was often seen running around yelling orcish warcries.

I then started roleplaying a lizard again, to see how the orcs would respond. Too bad I didn't have my green leather armour and spear with me.

This guy's name is Minion. He was at the event the previous night. I got a power sword off him. He de equiped it after I targetted it, making my job that much easier.

Orcs have some very interesting emotes.

...So I made one of my own.

Its interesting the language that these roleplayers have created. All I have been able to pick up is "yub" and "gar"

All of the orcs and orcish supporters lined up at the town square. All of the orcs were chanting cries of victory and talking to the Yew city mayor (wish I got some shots of the things that the mayor said about the event heheh)

I wanted to go with the orcs, to see exactly what happened at an orc party. But will they accept me, a lizard, to go along with them?


BAD ORC! Aparently orcs didn't want eachother to loot or something, and this one got punished for doing just that...

..And so I stepped through the gate with the orcs, and ended up at their fortress. Click the "next" link below to end the suspence of what happens next!