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And so all the orcs gathered and a good time was had by all. (These are lizardian words. Maybe if you beg, I'll tell you what they mean.)

Unfortunately, a rival "orc clan" (npc orcs) had to show up and try to put a dampen on the fun.

Here, we see an orc sacraficing a rival orc to the Bluudgod, and another orc confusing me for an elf. Sheesh, do elves go thsss all the time? As I do recall, elves are much shorter as well!

Gee.. um.. that's nice...

Now you know some orcish. Gar means bye.

This is the first time i've ever had orcs hit on me. And I must say, it's so much more sophisticated than d3wds (who run up to you and scream something such as "A/S/L???//"), which just goes to show, even orcs are more sophisticated than d3wds.

This is the orcs' major rival. He had some good weapons with him.

Hmmm... an orc thief. I will keep this in mind.

I dislike it when people hide from me when I'm trying to steal from them.

Its much harder to roleplay a lizard than an orc, unless you're a human raised by lizards. (and since i don't have an endless supply of green studded armour, that's the way i have to go.)

I gave them the spear I disarm stole off the party crasher who came by earlier...

...And with that, I left, saying farewell to my new orcish friends... which leads me into another episode (as soon as the screenshots are done I'll put it up)

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