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Shadow the Looter

Looters, they travel the land searching for bones of long dead explorers, and since bone piles have no need for items, they help themselves to it. You cannot take it all with you to the afterlife, as the saying goes.
This is the tale of one such looter who happened upon a pile of bones in the dungeon of Shame one day.

People do not seem to understand that stealing is something that can only be done to oranges or in felucca.

They were not his possessions anymore!

The gods that be OSI have declared possessions of bones public property, claimable by anyone. How does taking these items make me a thief?

It seems people do not understand the rules the gods set...

...I get the feeling I'm being misunderstood greatly.. I should just play along with this silly person and offer the belongings he seems to think are his... for a price! I would not let my things go for free!

Mine, mine, mine. When will these trammelian citizens realize there are things that cannot be claimed, such as my items and a monster spawn?

I was being very generous with the price, but I had no use for the armour, weapons, and other miscellaneous things that happened to be on the ground.

Maybe now these people will learn that I, and all other looters, do not give away items I find for free

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