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Roleplaying dewds

And into my adventures enters my only character not to be in any of my adventures so far: The Looter.
I met up with an old friend and guildmate on Great Lakes shard, and since we're both tamers and somewhat odd in the mind, we decided to do something that no one had ever done before. We went to moonglow and roleplayed the "l33+ tRaMmEl banx sittaz", more commonly known as d3wds.

First things first: making myself look like a d3wd. I even changed my guild title to "rOxXoR TaM3R d3wD"

He went and got his mare and a jester suit, and we met in Moonglow.

That has got to be the funniest thing I've ever heard someone call a glacial staff.

We then went around and insulted everyone for whatever silly reason we could think of.

It's interesting the things that you see in screenshots that you didn't notice at the time of taking it (look at the top left side of the shot heheh)

Why are they paying more attention to the other trammies there?? What about us??? Its not like the other trammie is l33t like we are! Pay attention to those who deserve it!!

Too bad I didn't see RAY's name then, we could have gone and had some fun with everyone's favorite d3wd! RAY wouldn't recognise me either, he only knows Dragoona.

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