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Finally, someone agrees with what we're saying!

Silly person on a horse, challenging my l33tness when he wasn't even riding an ostard!

Of course I can take down a grandmaster! Just let me go get my dragons "a" and "b" out of the stable. Sure, it takes a few tries to get them to kill things, but only noobs get their taming past 70!

It was time for us to go, so we admitted to them that we were, in fact, not real roxxor d3wds (our acting was so good, you couldn't tell I bet)

Hmm... I'm not sure which one is supposed to be the fat one and which is supposed to be stupid, but someone on the Stratics SnR forum has called my looter fat because his pockets are always full of loot....

My friend, Octavius, just threw his dewdish clothing onto the ground. But I on the other hand, had more important props with me.

And with that we left, leaving the audience with something to talk about besides whatever else it is that bank sitters talk about.

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