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Dragoona, Robin Hood of Atlantic!
Robin Hood. A noble thief who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Is it possible Dragoona, fierce feluccan felonist extraordinair, might have the same compassion as him?
I came to trammel moonglow graveyard during my powerhour to train magery, only to find that someone had brought a bunch of hired NPCs there to kill off anything that spawns. Irritated, and in need of some magery gains, I started practicing on his NPC army. It is here that the story starts...

This is our subject. He seems to dislike my attempt to steal the spawn back.

Quite clever with the insults, isn't he?

I'm sure the poor newbies who were training here thought the same thing when he came along...

Trammel griefers wannabees are funny, are they not? If you grief them for griefing, they'll threaten to call a GM ^^

Somehow I get the idea this guy has a little to much time on his hands

Another fine example of his intelligence, or lack of. The best way to irritate these people is to be polite to them.


To stop them from doing to much damage, I started disarming them all

Ever notice when people get angry they start to typo a lot?

Yes, Dragoona has single handedly stolen the spawn (and probably a chunk of his pride) from him. She is such a coward

The evil NPC overlord had left, but what about his army of NPCs? ->Page Two<-