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A mage who had been watching casted an energy vortex to help rid the graveyard of the remaining NPCs, and onlookers watched gleefully as their graveyard was returned to them

A newbie, confused by the happenings, confronts Dragoona about the grayness of her name

(Yes, I know Lord is a male title, and Dragoona is female, but it sounds much more fearful than "Lady". Minax isn't called "Lady Minax", you know)

I guess he hasn't learned you can't attack grays yet. He'll learn that soon enough though ^^

It is not often that Dragoona is commended for robbing someone of something!

This guy's just a victim of a poorly written guidebook. That's exactly what I said when I found out grays can't be attacked in trammel ^^

Not exactly....

And so the adventure ends with the liberation of the graveyard, and a newbie with more knowledge than he had previously.

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